Visa Requirements

For visits NOT exceeding 30 days: An original Alien Registration Card isrequired, along with a national passport (passport from country of birth).For visits exceeding 30 days: A valid national passport and a Bahamas visaarerequiredfor US resident and non-citizens wishing to stay longer than 30 days.

Entry requirements differ depending on what country you are a resident and citizen of. Check below to find out the necessary documentation you will need to ensure a smooth entry into our country.

NOTE: Where a minor child is traveling with only one parent, a notarized letter of permit from the parent not traveling may be requested. If traveling with non-parents, a notarized letter from the minor's guardians would be required. The letter should indicate that the chaperones are authorized to travel outside the country with the minor, as well as permit the chaperones to seek medical attention for the minor, if necessary.

US Citizens

For current information on regulations for international travel, visit the Travel Section of the US Customs and Border Protection Home Page:

Canadian Citizens

A Canadian citizen does not require a visa to visit The Bahamas and can remain there for a maximum period of 8 months. The individual, however, must have the following documents:

  • A Canadian passport, with an expiry date that is NOT less than 3 months, after leaving The Bahamas (for direct travel) and NOT less than 6 months (if transiting through other countries such as the US)
  • A return ticket

Canadian Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents of Canada (formerly known as Landed Immigrants) may stay in TheBahamas for 30 days without a visa. They must travel with the following items:

  • A valid passport from your country of origin of which expiry date, after return from The Bahamas, must NOT be less than 3 months (for direct travel) and NOT less than 6 months (if transiting through other countries such as the US)
  • An original Canadian Permanent Resident CARD of which the expiry date must NOT be less than 3 months (for direct travel) and NOT less than 6 months (if transiting through other countries such as the US)
  • A return ticket

Latin American Citizens

To enter The Bahamas, citizens from Latin America are required to present a valid passport which must cover the period of intended stay. You are not required to have a Bahamas visa if the stay is less than 3 months. If you are departing The Bahamas for a country that has the passport validity requirement of six (6) months beyond the dates of travel, then that requirement will be enforced.

You must also have a return ticket or onward journey ticket, hotel confirmation (if staying at a hotel, or name and address of residence) and, if requested, proof of funds to support your visit.

NOTE: If you are using an electronic ticket, please show Immigration a copy of your travel itinerary and ticket number.

PASSPORT refers to a valid passport from the individual's country of birth.

VISA refers to a Bahamas visa only. If a person is born in one country and resident in another, the documentation required is based upon the country of birth.

Visitors traveling via airlines should go to to see if travel documents (health requirements, visas, and immunizations) are sufficient for the airline you are traveling on.

Vaccination Requirements

Most visitors to The Bahamas do not need special vaccinations before entering the country. However, travelers over age one must provide a YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CERTIFICATE, if arriving from countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. This requirement also applies to travelers having transited more than 12 hours through an airport of a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission. They must be vaccinated 10 days before entering The Bahamas. Effective January 2014, The Bahamas no longer requires proof of Yellow Fever vaccination as a prerequisite when traveling from Guyana and Suriname. The Yellow Fever Vaccination is NOT a requirement for Cruise Ship passengers. However, passengers on Cruise & Stay Packages (hotel accommodations included) in The Bahamas are required to have the vaccination.

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